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Moving from surviving to thriving

We spend most of our lives in survival mode. The time has come to stop surviving and start thriving. Check out today's post and learn how to thrive!

Facing difficult times is overwhelming. It feels as if the world is closing in on yours. That the very air you breath is heavy with the weight of the responsibility that you are facing. You want to thrive, but all you can do is survive.

We start to rationalize the weight of it. You think, “If I can make it one more day.” One more day and then I can free from this pain. Another day longer and then I will be able to rest. I want to thrive, but all I can do is survive. Just one more day.Β 

One more day never comes.

It is always the same. You wake up. Surviving today is all you can think about. Trying to do more than survive isn’t even an option.

You are too exhausted to try to thrive.

All you want to do is to make it through one more day.

Looking in the mirror you see the bags under your eyes and the stress weight. Realizing that you haven’t taken care of yourself the emotional pain starts to set in.

1. You feel guilty.

You should be able to handle this weight. Life shouldn’t be able to kick you in the teeth like it is.

You sense something deep saying to you, “This isn’t what your life was supposed to be. There is greatness inside of you”

That greatness is calling to you. It is asking you to step up and step our of where you are in life. Take up the adventure and live the life you desire to live.

Guilt keeps you locked in your current predicament.

All these obligations that you have are killing you. You don’t want to let people down, but you know you cannot keep up this pace.

So you feel guilty.


2. You feel ashamed

Ashamed for feeling guilty.

The shame is intense. It eats away at you. You believe that you shouldn’t feel this way. That you should be able to handle all that life throws at you.

Then you realize that you aren’t living the life you want. You are going through the motions.

That brings deep shame.

Believing that you could handle anything you have to face the truth. The truth is that you hit the wall of what you can handle.

You feel guilty that you hit that wall.

Shame and embarrassment are at the forefront of your emotions. You believed that you should have been able to do overcome the challenges of life.

But you couldn’t overcome them.

Now life is too heavy for you.
My story isn’t much different at this point.

I want to say it is, but it isn’t.

My story is at this place.

A place of overwhelming burdens and exhausted nights.

I carry the weight of many responsibilities. As a follower of Jesus, a pastor, a father, a husband, a writer, a school teacher, and caretaker of my wife I carry a bit of weight.

The responsibility to provide seems too much. The demand on my life is great.

Yet, I look in the mirror thinking, “How much more can I carry before I fall under its weight?”

Then you feel guilty.

Too many people are counting on you. You can’t fall. If you do what will others say? How will they get what they need?

The weight of it all exhausts you.


I bet you are reading this and thinking, “I can resonate with you.”

That what I am sharing hit you right in the heart as well.

You may be dealing with an abusive relationship. Possible that you are struggling with a wayward child. You may have lost an income, your house, someone you loved, or your job.

The weight of it all is bearing on you and you don’t know what to do with it.

You want to move from surviving to thriving.

Well, so do I!

I want to give you some tips that I am trying to follow that will help you move from a life of surviving to thriving.

What can I do to THRIVE in this life?

1. Practice Gratitude.

Above all things practice gratitude.

I find that being thankful for what I can be thankful for changes my heart.

It took me from an attitude that screamed survival mode to the attitude of a warrior.

A warrior who wants to be victorious in this life. One that thrives. A person who isn’t looking to survive, but wants to own my destiny.

I find ways to be grateful.

When I say, “This is too hard. I hate my life. My weight is awful. I hate what I am going through. There is to much pain. I am having a hard time understanding why this or that is happening.


I try to say, “I am grateful that I woke up today. Grateful that I am able to spend time with my family. That I can put a smile on someone’s face. Grateful that my life is being leveraged to make a difference in the lives of others.”

I don’t always get this right. Yet, I am finding that the more I find the silver lining in my darkest clouds the easier my burdens seems to be.

It is weird how gratitude has a way of lifting your spirits, puts a little pep in your step, and helps you feel lighter.

Stress can be overwhelming.

Gratitude has a way of helping you navigate from surviving to thriving.

2. Get Rid of Dead Weight

Let’s face it. If you find that this article connects with you then you have a bit of dead weight in your life.

Stress happens when you do more than you are able to.

The more you do the more burdens you’ll have. The more burdens you have the heavier your life becomes. The heavier your life becomes the easier it is to slip into survival mode.

When you are in survival mode long enough you start to slip into burnout.

We want to stop the slippery slope of your life that will lead to burn out.

You can never thrive in your life while you are living in burnout.

To thrive and avoid burnout we have to get rid of dead weight.

How do you do that?

a. Take an inventory of all that you do

Whatever gets your time write it down on a list. It will surprise you when you learn how much you are doing.

Write down the hours you work. Add to that list the hang out time with your friends. Do you have children? Have a hobby? Are you part of a sports team?

Write it all down.

b. Decide how you want to spend your time.

Schedule your priorities first. The things that are most important to you must be the first thing you put down on your list.

There are major things you’ll put down first. For example, you need to make a living. The first thing you will put down is your employment. The next thing you’ll put down it time with family.

You only have so many hours in the day. Spend them in a way that is healthy.

c. Get rid of the rest

You read that right. Get rid of everything else. Push it out.

Your goal is to thrive in this life. To do that you have to come to the conclusion that you CANNOT do it all. Something has to go or something will give out.

At this moment, I am wrestling with a lot. I run a church, teach a public school class, trying to start this personal business, and I have a family. That doesn’t include that I take care of everything in the house. My wife has an illness that she is working through. It doesn’t include the hours I spend coaching, counseling, and hanging out with people.

Notice something? I didn’t have a hobby in there. Yes, there is nothing for my personal sanity in those words.

Needless to say, I am overbooked and over exhausted.

My life is steamrolling towards burnout.

I have to do something about it.

I am trying to determine what needs to go in my life. It is not an easy thing to do. Yet, my goal is not to do it all but to be healthy.


The greatest thing you can do for you is to learn to say NO.

Don’t be afraid to say no to people so you can say yes to you!

3. Lean into your faith.

I am unashamed of my faith. I am a follower of Jesus.

What does that mean?

I am a believer in the truths of The Bible and how you can apply them to everyday life. This means that there are truths in the Bible that can help us live a life of victory.

When you are facing incredible overwhelming odds lean into your faith.

I find the greatest peace when I am praying. No matter what is happening or coming against me I can find peace when I pray. I get a sense that everything will be ok.

The greater my overwhelming feelings the greater I have to press into my faith. I have to believe that I can keep moving forward. I have someone rooting for me and giving me the strength to overcome.

When I learn to be grateful, drop dead weight, and lean into my faith I can move my life from surviving to thriving.


I would love for you to do a few things for me πŸ™‚

#1. I love it when people share their thoughts.

I am eager to hear how you have helped someone through this? Please honor me by commenting below! I look forward to engaging you through them!

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About the Author Jim

  • stacey says:

    I am just getting back on track. I was a little down when my father was diagnosed with cancer and it hit me very hard. Its been a few months and he is beginning to thrive again and so am I.

  • Angel says:

    Jim, you are so on point! Until 2016, I allowed myself to be weighed down by too many unnecessary burdens and ultimately it led me to self-destructive escapes, including drugs and gambling.
    When I started treatment and counseling, my life completely changed and I have never been happier! I stopped beating myself up, cut toxic people out of my life, and started setting healthy boundaries. I have a new career path, new hobbies, and no longer need or want those escapes I used to run to.
    Thanks for your insight and I’m certain this post is helping people.

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for sharing your story! I am so blessed to hear that you are on the right path and that your life is looking up!

  • I resonated with many of the points you bring out in this article BUT . . . they usually happen to me at night, when I look back over what seems to have been a fruitless day. Like you, I am a Christian, and my wakening thoughts are usually of enthusiasm. This is the day the Lord has made . . . etc. I rejoice in a whole day to do all the things I listed in my journal the day before. Then I look at the time, and I’ve spent the last two hours dreaming about what I’ll do, and I haven’t yet got out of bed! By night time I’m frustrated, but determined TOMORROW will be more fruitful. Hmm. Problem? Tomorrow never comes. Build a Better Blog

    • Jim says:

      I have had a similar problem. What helped me was something simple, but profound. Someone said to me, “You don’t have to process everything. Just overthinking and start making decisions.” I started doing that. You know what happened? I started seeing my life move from survival mode to thriving. I have a long ways to go, but I am grateful each step along the way. Keep up the fight and walk towards your promise!

  • J.J.Joshita says:

    I love what you’ve written and I can totally relate to it. Thank you for writing this wonderful post…

  • GiGi Eats says:

    I officially feel like I am thriving and it feels good! I just feel very confident and thrilled with the direction my life is going and I have a beautiful/wonderful/amazing support system that helps me along the way!

    • Jim says:

      I am so excited for you! I am praying that the rest of my readers can move in the same direction. There is no feeling in the world like that. Thank you for sharing your victory! I love hearing testimonies!

  • Cynthia says:

    Great post Jim. Totally agree on the power of gratitude. I’m reading Thank & Grow Rich by Pam Grout, it’s a game changer. Also agree on learning to say no – leaves more room for you to say yes to things that truly serve you.

  • Sara says:

    Oh wow…this connects with me so hard. While I’m not in this place anymore, I spent most of my life there, hitting my “rock bottom” a few years ago after my separation from my ex-husband. Hearing you talk about all of those things was like hearing a voice from my past! And yes, we definitely want to thrive, not just survive!

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for sharing! I appreciate your words. I often go back to my memories as well. It is tough when you spent a bit of your life surviving. I look at my life now and am grateful for where I am and where I have to go. Thank you for joining the conversation.

  • Gloria says:

    There are many times I feel I can’t take anymore on my plate so of course I feel all these feelings of guilt and shame so I understand where you’re coming from. You being a pastor must make you feel even more responsible for those that are counting on you to guide them and walk them on the right path. But as you say, showing gratitude and being faithful will help tremendously. Hope that you and your family are strong and faithful that your wife will also get through that illness.

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for your comment! Life can be very overwhelming. We have to find balance. As a pastor, life can be very overwhelmed. Yet, I understand that if I am overwhelmed for a while then I will burn out. We all have to find the limits of what we can handle. You are your best in that place. Thank you for sharing.

  • Gratitude is so important! I started practicing gratitude versus asking/praying for things and it’s totally changed my mindset. Great post.

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I so agree with the statement you made. Your mindset can radically shift when you lean into gratitude! Thank you for that thought!

  • Louisa says:

    I love the reminder to prioritize your activities. Focus on the most important and let the rest go! It’s so liberating!

  • Stacy says:

    Wow this is a great post! I have a hard time saying NO, and I try to work on that often. I’ve always been trying to lean into my faith more. I think that’s really important too.

    • Jim says:

      I use to have a hard time saying no. I still have trouble with it. However, I know that saying no to others allows me to say yes to me. As I find healing I can learn who to say yes to when I want to. It is very liberating. Thank you for the comment!

  • Two nights ago my husband and I were talking about this very topic. We do have hobbies, but there’s stress there too, trying to find enough time to enjoy them. We couldn’t figure out what to give up, so we’re rather trying to add some fun or pleasure into each day. I appreciated this post. Thank you.

    • Jim says:

      This is a great comment. I am going to try to develop something that can help you determine what needs to go πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

  • Emily says:

    Definitely a place everyone comes and goes through. Thanks for the share!

  • Chelf says:

    This post really spoke to me. esp. the part: A warrior who wants to be victorious in this life. One that thrives. A person who isn’t looking to survive, but wants to own my destiny. Wow, powerful! I will bookmark the post and keep coming back for inspiration

    • Jim says:

      I am so blessed to know that it has impacted you! Let me know how I can serve you in your journey. Be blessed and fight on!

  • Janne says:

    Such a good post! Very inspirational, thanks πŸ™‚

  • I love reading your posts. I am going through a hard time right now but have to be stronger than I’ve ever been in order to survive and come out of things in a better place. I am going through divorce not by my choice initially. I have anxiety and depression which I have recently been put on medications for. My oldest (21 year old)daughter is on the autism spectrum and not been able to get a job because she hasn’t passed her driving test and has difficulty finding a suitable environment for her comfort level. So part of the reason she hasn’t passed her driving test is that my anxiety levels became so overwhelming that i couldn’t handle sitting in the passenger seat with her. She has a hard time understanding that. My 19 year old has severe social anxiety. She tried to go off to college this year, but couldn’t go back after Thanksgiving break due to depression. My youngest is only 15, but has ADD. She is brilliant, but struggles with getting things out of her head onto paper. Being a genius already taking AP Calculus and honors physics can be quite stressful. So now she has been diagnosed with anxiety. She also was recently diagnosed with mid range hearing loss. So is there stress in my life? Definitely. I am fortunate to be surrounded by people who care about me. Now that my soon to be ex is not here, I am starting to hear more positive things about myself. It’s rough road ahead, but I know God is watching out for me. I’m starting to see that the additional people in my life are put there by him. I found out last week my psychologist is a Deacon…how much more obvious can it get. Anyway it’s been really great to hear/see men who are compassionate towards women. To see men support women is something that has been a benefit not just to me but also to my children as I overheard them saying this morning. I’ve been worried for a few years that some of my girls were growing up to hate men because of the men they have seen in their lives.

    • Jim says:

      You have an incredible story. Thank you for sharing it. I am blessed to hear that God is putting people around you to bring encouragement. I am glad to be part of the journey as well. You are going through a lot. There is a strength in you that few have. Keep pushing forward. Let me know if there is anything I can do to serve you better.

  • Rebekah says:

    I love this post! I feel like I should definitely take some of these tips on board in my own life. In comparison to other people I don’t have many responsibilities, but I’m autistic, and I get so guilty when I’m not living up to the same standards as others my age, so this is definitely something I need to let go of in order to thrive! Thanks for writing such a great post.

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for taking the time to check it out. If I can say this, there is no “expectation” you have to live up to. We want to compare ourselves with others. However, what if the “others” aren’t really that great. What if your the one we should all measure ourselves up to? There is a beauty in all of us. Find yours and be ok with that. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to connecting with you in the future.

  • Shevy says:

    Contrary to the first paragraph β€œIf I can make it one more day” always keep me going when facing depressing and overwhelming situations, until I get over it.

    • Jim says:

      My wife suffers from clinical depression. Sometimes it feels like your world is caving in and you have to hold on for dear life. With the right support system you can thrive even through depression Check out the post here: http://www.jimburgoon.org/depression Thank you for joining the conversation! I appreciate you brining out this point.

  • Thomas says:

    Very inspiring post thank you for making my day with it πŸ™‚

  • Sonja says:

    This is very powerful and deep post . Faith is so amazing to have!

  • Whimsy says:

    Such great advice! I need to thrive more in my life instead of just trying to survive. A lot of people do feel this unnecessary amount of guilt that prevents them from living the life they deserve, unfortunately.

    • Jim says:

      You are walking through the first step. Declaring that you want to THRIVE is the first step towards an incredible future. You are so right about guilt. It truly prevents people to moving forward. It is time to grab hold of life. Thank you for sharing! Let me know how I can help!

  • Jessica says:

    I’ve recently started doing some of these things myself. I was stuck in a dark spot for a while and I found a lot of these tips helped me get out of it. Great post!

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for sharing a portion of your story. Sometimes the information is not as powerful until someone says, “I have done this!.” That is when it truly becomes powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  • sahithya says:

    good thought!! brings in such a positive feel

  • Rabz Haq says:

    Thanks Very Motivating.

  • stacey says:

    My hope is that someone reading this feels they have learned some new coping skill with the weight and pressure they are feeling.

  • This is great Jim. I needed this! One of the things that I struggle with the most is learning to say NO and NOT feel guilty about it when I do. It’s not so much that I’m a people pleaser, but I don’t like disappointing others, and I feel that when I say NO, then I do just that.

    • Jim says:

      I use to be a people pleasure. I still struggle with trying to please people. Let me share something that helped set me free. I use to say things like you do. I’d say, “I am not a people pleaser, but I don’t like disappointing them.” What helped set me free was to recognize that people pleasing and not wanting to disappoint people can be a very thing line. So much so that many times they are the same thing. The first thing I did was to admit that I was a people pleasure. Once I came to terms with that I was able to do something about it. Today, I am much better. I can honestly say I don’t need to please people and there will be many that are disappointed by me. You know what? I am ok with that. Thank you for sharing!

  • What a wonderful feeling it is to be thriving instead of surviving. Its amazing to see others get to this place as well.

  • Linda Luke says:

    Funny. I wrote about listing all we do today as well. Maybe it’s part of spring cleaning or just that great minds think alike.

  • Thanks so much for all your empowering and relatable articles. You make such a difference to so many people with your experiences and willingness to share with others!

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate the encouragement. I just want my life to be leveraged to make an impact on others!

  • Mary says:

    I have to say I go back and forth between surviving and thriving several times of year. My career is highly demanding during certain seasons, and it takes all my energy just to survive those times. Luckily, those seasons are spaced out so summer breaks up them up. I Thrive then.

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for sharing your story! With the right changes in your life you can start to thrive throughout the year and not just during summer!

  • Lauren says:

    Wow. I really loved this post. I’m going to bookmark this and share it. Thank you.

  • There are so many things to be thankful for, and thriving is one of them. I love how you pointed the emotions we go through in the process. They’re very real, and sometimes scary to even think of them.

    • Jim says:

      There are so many people who point out tips on how to fix things, but fail to point out the human experience of them. We are whole people and thus every part of our being must be explored and talked about. Thank you for sharing!

  • Wow, this IS exactly how I feel every day! I don’t have time for a hobby either. I’ve tried to figure out what I can give up, but there’s nothing. I have recently started trying to think of things to be grateful for each day, but it’s a struggle. I pray often and have also found that thinking of Christian songs has been helpful.

    • Jim says:

      I am there a lot. Thinking that we cannot get ride of anything. What I am learning is that you are always given a choice. There are things in my life I can drop right now. I just don’t “want” to drop them so I rationalize them as needed. Truth is that I could walk away and life would move on. It’s a question of how much I want to walk away. Thanks for sharing.

  • Farwa says:

    When going through stressful times we don’t even realise how much load we’ve picked up and that we need to get rid of the useless burden to go on. These tips are really helpful. Thank you.

    • Jim says:

      I love the point you are making, “When going through stressful times we don’t even realise how much load we’ve picked up and that we need to get rid of the useless burden to go on.” That is spot on. It is like a snowball. It is small and easily managed. When you roll it down the hill it gets bigger and unmanagable. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sandy says:

    Having a good support system which helps one to thrive. Without one it feels more like surviving.

  • I find making a schedule for your day helps keep away guilt or other things that would prevent you from being positive and thriving in your day. I usually do a weekly schedule to keep myself on track. Keeping the ultimate goal in sight. Keeping my goals in sight, help keep me grateful for my achievements.

  • Mindy says:

    All of this is so true! I like you idea of getting rid of the dead weight. Who wants to spend their precious time on things that don’t really matter? Thanks for the insights!

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read the article! I find it amazing how much time we waste on things that will not impact us or others. In the end they are disractions from what we were meant to do in life!

  • Very thoughtful approach to making positive changes, lots of really useful advice that can really help people get out of the rut and start living the life of their dreams!

    • Jim says:

      Yes! I want to see people live out their dreams. I find that we are often stalled on our dreams due to emotional baggage. Now is the time to find healing and start thriving! Thank you for sharing!

  • Kristy says:

    In 2015 my husband lost his brother suddenly and we moved from thriving to surviving and it was a really hard year. A lot of the advice that you gave in this article is what pulled us through. We relied a lot on faith and friends and in the end had to be OK with being happy even if that meant all our families weren’t on earth with us

    • Jim says:

      I love your story. Thank you for sharing it!! It is a blessing to see how you took a hard time and turned it into a victory.

  • Divya says:

    It’s like you wrote this post for me. I feel like I’m in limbo somewhere in between guilt and ashamed.

    Tweeting out your post in hopes others can also benefit like I have <3

    • Jim says:

      Thanks for the share! I often say, “When something is revealed it can be be healed.” Meaning, you cannot find healing until you know what needs healing. Now that you know where you are you can do what is needed to find your healing. I would be happy to help you in anyway possible. πŸ˜€ We are all on a journey towards health and wholeness. Thank you for joining the conversation.

  • What a beautiful, honest, gritty post, Jim. And yes, I can surely relate. Gratitude is my antidote as well, and I’m in the process of clearing the dead weight (not an easy thing to do!). But I simply love: Lean into your Faith. I, too, rely on my faith in the good times and bad, but the idea, indeed, the image of leaning into it just soothed my soul.
    You’re definitely doing the right work πŸ™‚
    Thank you.

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for the encouragement! I appreciate your words. I am so blessed to see how this post has impacted you. Thank you for sharing.

  • I try to always be grateful and lean into my faith. Such a powerful and encouraging post!

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for your kind words! Gratitude is powerful. People don’t realize how powerful it is. It can be a life changing event. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bonnie says:

    Oh man this post hit the nail on the head for me. Actually just reading it lifted my spirits thank you!

  • nathanielle says:

    I really love your post. It is very inspiring. I do agree that guilt is a big factor that plays a major part on whether we want to thrive or just survive.

  • Michelle says:

    I love the idea of getting rid of dead weight in terms of how you spend your time!! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Who wouldn’t want to thrive, right? It’s really important that we do sort of a cleanse the moment that we feel stuck in our daily routine. This cleanse will help you analyze where you are in life and what you want to do next, as well as help you get rid of the things that are pulling you back.

    • Jim says:

      I have noticed that people tend to be “Ok” with surviving. We come to believe that this is our lot in life. We were created for greater things! Surviving is not ok. Thriving is what we were created for. Thank you for joining the conversation!

  • Elizabeth O. says:

    Many times I have felt this in my life. It’s never pretty and sure doesn’t feel awesome. We succumb to the routine that we’re used to and yet we’re so tired of it. It makes life dull and sad at the same time. I think it’s great that you mentioned being grateful and getting rid of the dead weight. That’s really going to help us keep moving towards thriving.

    • Jim says:

      Right on! We don’t realize that the dead weight in an anchor keeping us from moving forward. Time to cut it off and learn to fly!

  • This is such a powerful post! I think there is something here that basically everyone can resonate with – that you so much for sharing it πŸ™‚
    -MG https://malissagreenwood.com/

  • Trdzelle says:

    This is a really amazing, detailed article. I love how specific you were and how clear your writing is. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  • Ana says:

    I am constantly in survival mode. I work too many hours and am not paid what I am worth and struggle to pay my ren each month. Yet despite all that I am thriving because I am grateful for having a roof over my head at the very least x

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for sharing your story. I think you can take your life to the next level. Let me know how I can help!

  • Renee says:

    I need this today. I know all of this and I am the first one to help my friends and family and tell them these exact things…however it is always harder to take my own advice…so thank you for reminding me to do so..

    • Jim says:

      I understand! Sometimes we just need to be reminded what we already know! I am glad it helped. Thank you for sharing.

  • Wow, this was powerful. Thank you for posting it – it spoke right into my personal life right now and things that I’ve been dealing with for too long.

    I know the words mean very little but … thank you.

    • Jim says:

      The words thank you mean A LOT. It is no small thing to me. Thank you for sharing. I am so grateful that it was helpful. Let me know how I can be of help.

  • Amber says:

    This is so wonderful. Letting go of the guilt can definitely be a tricky one.

    • Jim says:

      Yes it can! It can be very tricky. You’ll have to go to the root of your guilt and determine why it is there. Once you have that information we can formulate a plan to move forward! Thank you for sharing. Let me know how I can help.

  • Torie says:

    Wow, that was very deep and truthful. Faith is so amazing to have! Thank you for sharing something so difficult to share.

    • Jim says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I believe that health is on the other side of facing the truth. Whatever we have convinced ourselves to believe must be held up to absolute truth. When we do this we will live healthier lives as we burn away the lies we have believed! Thank you for sharing.

  • Caroline says:

    I love this! I have definitely been in a state of thriving, not surviving… I have learned that getting into alignment really helps me get through each day. Here is my post about it!


    • Jim says:

      I will leave a comment on it as well πŸ™‚ So glad to hear that you are thriving! πŸ˜€ Thank you for sharing

  • Robin rue says:

    The guilt is real! I’m going through something right now and I’m still in that guilt stage.

    • Jim says:

      We have to constantly fight the guilt stage. Once we find internal healing by learning to say no to pleasing people the guilt will go away. Thank you for the comment! πŸ˜€

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