3 Day Goal Setting Workshop

Join us for this workshop event & discover some pratical strategies that will give you the cutting edge no matter what market you are in.

Monday, Decemeber 18th, 11:00 AM EST

The Workshop

What is the difference between someone who is successful and someone who wishes they were? 

The answer: Consistent Completion of their goals. 

Now, let's be honest here. 

Can you say that you are a consistent finisher? 

Or are you someone who has started a lot of projects and have completed very little of them? 

I can tell you from experience that I was an awesome starter, but a terrible finisher. I use to have 10000 projects started and a very small percentage finished. 

If I am honest, less than 1% of them were ever done. 

Eventually, I would get bored and just walk away. 

Then I would wonder why I felt like I wasn't getting ahead. 

The truth is that I was not consistent with the completion of my goals. 

Now, my percentage has gone way up. 

I feel much more competent and successful. 

I am seeing greater achievement. 

And so can you!! 

That is why I am offering a 3 day goal setting workshop. 

It is being offered for the insane price of $27. 

This could be the difference between you crushing 2018 and limping into 2019.

I want you to join me for these 3 days!

Jim Burgoon

Ninja Strategist

Jim's mission in life is to help people taking their NEXT STEPS towards the life they truly desire. As a member of The John Maxwell Leadership Team, a military veteran, and a 15 year veteran of ministry Jim has the background and the ability to help you achieve your goals.

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