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Jim Burgoon

I help emerging leaders find their voice and activate their potential so that they can lead with confidence and passion as they become more impactful and profitable.


If there was one word to describe you it would be: Curinnonate (Curious, Innovative, and Passionate).

But, if there was one word to describe where you are in life it would be stuck.

Jim Burgoon teaches online leaders and speakers to find their voice and activate their potential.

Whether you just need to a shot of motivation, some practical perspective to get your life moving, or you straight up can't stand waking up and living your life in obscurity you are in the right place.

Since you are here right now, something tells me that you are full of a leadership spirit, a positive mindset, and some great vision.

But maybe you......

Have no clue what kind of leader you want to be. Need help growing your skills and attracting an engaged tribe of people who will follow you.

Or maybe you ...

Feel isolated and overwhelmed. You wish more people could relate to what you are trying to do. (Your friends are supportive, but don't quite get it). They just don't understand what it takes to be a leader.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey you want to have a BIGGER impact.

You want to use your creative juices towards something that matters. You want to learn how to lead both to you and the world.

You are READY to take your business and leadership ability to that next level and maybe move to another level of leadership.

Jim Burgoon

Enter your text here...But you just don't know how to make that a reality. You are at the beginning of your leadership journey. There seems to be so much to sort out.

You feel stuck.

You feel overwhelmed.

There is a great level frustration as you try to work through all the overwhelm and move into who you KNOW you should be.

Trust me, my friend, I've totally been there.

Ever leader and entrepreneur had to start somewhere.

Now you want to do something different.

You WANT to find your voice and live in the potential that you KNOW you have.

You, my friend, are in the right place.

Emerging Leader

I have a few core beliefs that I would like to share with you:

#1. I believe you have everything you need on the inside of you.

The mighty oak comes from a small acorn. Inside of you is the seed of greatness. When it is cultivated, watered, and given time a great leader will come forth. I am on this journey with you. If you stick with me I will give you the tools and perspective to call out that potential.

#2. I believe you have a Big Fat Goal you have kept hidden in the back of your mind for far too long.

It could be fear. There could be a great sense overwhelm. Whatever the reason you have for not moving forward I am here to push you forward. Now is the time to take hold of your life, find your voice, and start moving forward towards the completion of the dreams of your heart.

#3. I believe that you are here for a purpose.

You are trying to lead you yourself, your family, and your organization. You are not happy with the status quo. There is a growing uneasiness inside of you. Your purpose is starting to stir you to action. The heart inside of you is no longer happy with normal. My heart is to help you find your voice, activate your potential, and point you in the right direction.

#4. I believe you have been waiting for long enough.

In my younger days, I always dreamed of one day. One day will never come. Today is your day. Your journey starts now. There have been way too many excuses. They stop today. There may be a lot of overwhelming feelings, a ton of frustration, but you got this. I am your guide. I have been where you are. The journey has been tough, but it has been an incredible journey. I will guide you along the way.

The gist is this: you have got something important to do, sell, or say and I'm here to help you do that like the superstar you are.

Jim Burgoon develops emerging leaders to find their voice and active their potential. your text here...


If you are ready to take your leadership and speaker development to the next level schedule your FREE consultation call today! 

My name is Jim Burgoon and I'm a TOTAL NERD when it comes to leadership and personal development.

I help emerging leaders find their voice and activate their potential so that they can lead with confidence and passion as they become more impactful and profitable.

How did this become my life?

Well, in 1998, I had decided that my life wasn't what I wanted it to be so I joined the military. As a member of the US Coast Gaurd, I traveled throughout the world. My perspective and my discipline were expanding. I feel in love with the people of the world and just had to learn more.

It was in the military where I expanded on my leadership ability. In the military is was where I met my wife of 18 years. It was a great time to be alive.

But life wasn't always sunshine and rainbow.

Cue the tiny violins.

emerging leader


If you are ready to take your leadership and speaker development to the next level schedule your FREE consultation call today! 

Jim Burgoon

It was a few years after we were married that we discovered that my wife was dealing with a strong mental illness. Times had become very challenging. Trying to navigate through the illness, college, and a be a ministry team leader (Youth Pastor). your text here...Am I sure you get the picture?

Dealing with a great challenge, trying to better your education, work a job, and build a healthy and growing organization. It seemed almost too much to bear at the time.

Then our little girl was born.

Nothing changes you like a child.

I finished my degree in Christian Ministries. Going on to Youth Pastor at a growing church I learned the value of personal development. I spent a few years growing and developing the next generation of leaders.

It was at this point that I went back to school to obtain my Masters' Degree in Leadership. It was a hard two years, but such a fulfilling one.

Upon graduation, I committed to one of the most challenging leadership positions. I started a church in an unknown city. They say the true test of a leader is to see if the leader can lead a volunteer organization. When people aren't invested in the organization you find many hurdles you have to work through. Yet you still have to push them forward. If that is the most challenging then the second most challenging is starting a church.

Between my strong passion and ridiculous commitment to trying new strategies and ideas, the church took off. As a way to supplement my income, I became a public school teacher. It was an interesting time to lead your family, lead a classroom, and lead a church.

Leadership taxes and grows you in incredible ways.

This was the point where I started my blog to share my experiences with the world.

Since then, I quit my job as a classroom teacher, moved back to PA, and continuing to hustle my blog, building my speaking and coaching business, writing books, and helping emerging leaders find their voice and activate their potential to lead with confidence and passion so that they can become more impactful and profitable.

I have spent the last 15 years traveling the world, building relationships, developing leaders, and making an impact.

Emerging Leader

And now I want to help you develop into the leader you know that you are and help you leverage yourself to have an incredible impact and become profitable.

Through my writings, webinars, workshops, a Facebook community, and more, I have helped many brilliant, creative, leaders LIKE YOU, stand up and stand out.

If you are interested, I specialize in topics like leadership development, relationship development, mindset shifts, perspective, and more.

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And hey, thanks for being here. I genuinely appreciate it and you.