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Jeremy Sales Strategist
Syndei College Student
Joei Teacher
Rhonda Health Coach / Business Executive
Shawn Musician
Maricela Leadership Coach

I spoke with Jim Burgoon over the phone. We were going to help each other with our ideal client profiles and we didn't get very far on the scripted questions. I'm not upset though because we went deep. This guy, let me tell you about THIS guy. I'm not going to go in to his credentials. He has them if you want them. Suffice it to say I was blown away with his ability to read people FAST. His background is in relationships and leadership. Within minutes of talking with him all I could think was that this is what it must have felt like for John Maxwell's parishioners in the early days. Of the many things we talked about, he helped me with diagnosing prospects' personality types in order to build a better relationship faster.

Jim's coaching has helped me to grow spiritually through his easily understandable teachings. Jim has helped me confront with my inner problems and taught me how to give them to God

Jim Burgoon has lit a fire within my marriage. His sound biblical advice has provided me with the skills I needed to better my relationship with my husband and God. I am so thankful for all his advice as it has truly impacted my marriage in a positive way.

Jim has a fantastic way of listening! My experience with his coaching is fantastic. Reaching new heights! Would absolutely recommend to anyone wanting self development and growth!

I met Jim Burgoon at a pivotal point in my life. As a result of his guidance and coaching I now have a better more trusting, honest relationship with my wife. I have also developed a meaningful relationship with my children and a closer more profound relationship with God.

Jim has a unique talent of listening to you as an individual and providing amazing insight on enhancing your life. I've have the opportunity to work with the world's best coaches and find Jim's capacities on life coaching to be among one of the best. He shared wisdom that I hadn't even considered in terms of my spiritual and emotional growth. I am pleased to know him and recommend his work explicitly. Open yourself to learning without feeling uncomfortable or fearful of the growth that you need. Be blessed!

Features You Won’t Want to Live Without

Personal Development and Self-awareness


The greatest gift that you can give to yourself is the gift of become more self-aware. When we increase our self-awareness everything else will increase. 

Personal Development and Sense of Direction


Knowing where you are going is an incredible asset. A strong sense of direction will help guide each of your decisions as you move closer to your dreams.

Personal Development and Encouragement


Encouragement is an essential ingredient to a successful life. Here you will find the support, confidence, and hope to keep moving forward.

Personal Development and Practical application


What good is information if you cannot apply it? Put what you're learning directly into action. Will it be easy? No, it won't. Will it change your life? Absolutely. 

Personal Development and greater fulfillment


What each of us desire most is to live a fulfilled life. We want to go from empty, broken, busted, and disgusted to live a life filled with joy and happiness. 

Personal Development and deeper connection


You and I crave a deeper connection to ourself and those around us. Every relational fiber in our being longs for it. As you grow, you will find it. 

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What is the difference between someone who is successful and someone who wishes they were? 

The answer: Consistent Completion of their goals. 

Now, let's be honest here. 

Can you say that you are a consistent finisher? 

Or are you someone who has started a lot of projects and have completed very little of them? 

I can tell you from experience that I was an awesome starter, but a terrible finisher. I use to have 10000 projects started and a very small percentage finished. 

If I am honest, less than 1% of them were ever done. 

Eventually, I would get bored and just walk away. 

Then I would wonder why I felt like I wasn't getting ahead. 

The truth is that I was not consistent with the completion of my goals. 

Now, my percentage has gone way up. 

I feel much more competent and successful. 

I am seeing greater achievement. 

And so can you!! 

That is why I am offering a 3 day goal setting workshop. 

It is being offered for the insane price of $27. 

This could be the difference between you crushing 2018 and limping into 2019.

Date: Decemeber 18th - 20th 

Place: Private Facebook Event Page (invite given after the comittment is made)

I want you to join me for these 3 days!

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Join the growing number of action takers who want to be motivtated to live life at their fullest potential!